Saturday, 16 July 2011

100 High Paying AdSense Keywords

For a typical blogger or website owner, we make money when someone clicks on one of the Google Ads on our site, or per 1000 impressions of the AdSense links. For most of us, we already know how hard it is to get people to click on these links and even if they do, sometimes the chosen ads are low paying ones because of the keywords used on our page.

So to help maximize profits, here is a list of 101 high paying Google AdSense words you can try and use to target the keywords in your content to. It is assuming that as the website owner, you will receive roughly 50% of the total cost per click (CPC) that Google charges its advertisers, but you should check this with Google to find out the actual value (if they'll tell you).

2available domain name$12.97
4AdWords campaign$14.63
6buy domains$8.84
7buy domain name$17.10
8bachelor degree on line$14.36
9best webhost$8.68
10bulk email marketing$11.77
12cheap domain name$9.16
13car insurance$22.89
14credit cards$10.93
15crm software$15.96
16car loans$11.79
17construction estimating software$5.80
18domain names$17.57
20degree education on line$12.44
21dell computer$5.79
23debt management$7.15
24database software$3.13
25email marketing$13.24
26ecommerce hosting$11.81
27education degree online$14.69
28earn money online$3.04
29free domain name registration$5.81
30free credit report$9.57
33gas prices compare$6.19
34google news$2.07
35graphic design degree$12.58
36graduate degree program$7.93
37hosting providers$14.25
38how to get a web site$5.83
39hp computer$7.52
40interest credit$15.53
42interior design degree$14.17
43java software$1.69
44keyword tracking$4.37
45knee support$1.57
46life experience degree$8.36
47lung cancer treatment$6.10
49merchant account$10.55
50microsoft certification$4.88
51mba degree online$15.78
52master degree on line$11.51
53marketing software$8.28
54network monitoring software$11.45
55nursing degree$8.81
56norton anti virus software$4.01
57Norton virus protection$3.85
58online accounting degree$27.50
59online paralegal degree$19.45
60online degree$13.74
61online psychology degree$20.78
62online college degree$14.10
63payroll software$7.95
64pay per click$8.18
65personal domain name$10.26
66project management software$10.80
68quick money$3.32
69register domain$9.03
70register domain name$8.31
71register a website$10.47
72register url$8.69
73student credit card$10.54
74survey software$9.51
75scheduling software$7.60
76shopping cart software$5.23
77travel insurance$6.76
78tax software$6.89
79teaching degree$12.72
80turbo tax$5.47
81University Degrees Online$10.98
82unlimited web hosting$8.31
83university degrees$5.68
84undergraduate degree$4.71
85voip phone system$9.57
86visa credit card$11.83
87voip billing software$8.21
88virus protection$5.58
89website domain names$12.65
90web domain name$10.62
91web host rating$9.75
92web site register$13.04
93web hosting$13.03
94web design software$2.57
95web space provider$6.62
96yahoo domain$7.70
97yellow page advertising$6.56
98yahoo domain name$9.00
99your site$2.57
100zire pda$2.16


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