Sunday, 9 October 2011

Where to add url/submit site for free to get more Traffic ?

There are many places on the web where a person can submit a url or website for free. Many search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google offer free website submission. They also offer Search Engine Optimization for a small price. A person that is trying to get an article or a certain webpage a higher page rank would pay to have the SEO service. What this service does is automatically works to ensure their page gets the highest search engine rankings. This article will discuss a few different ways to help a person get the word out there for free submissions. will get your URL submitted to over seventy websites for free. For best placement on the search engines you can use their free META tag generator to make the best keywords. With this service you are allowed to submit your url once a month. lets a person submit their website for free. In return, your site will be submitted to twenty handpicked sites that offer a one way link which means that you do not have to reciprocate by adding a backlink to their site. With a person would sign up for their free account, copy and paste the code given onto their homepage to receive thousands of links relevant to their site. This is an automated service so after the registration form is filled out, the website would instantly be in their link directory. Some people like to create blogs via, etc. and wonder how to get exposure to their content.

You should add your site to free backlink generator like, which offer high quality one-way link exchange. Completely free Voltrank also promotes quantity of links with their automated feature. Quantity and quality can be truly reconciled. From you can download best backlinking software of all for free.

Well with the above information they would be able to submit a url free onto the search engine optimizer or the link exchange sites and try to drive traffic to the content to rank higher. also has a place where you can post your site and visit their classifieds everyday to refresh where your submission is to keep it high on the rankings. As an individual surfs the internet by putting keywords in they'll find all kinds of information on how to freely submit a site or link for free.

Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate programs are great places to also advertise a site/url for free. Both ask for ads to be placed on the website pertaining to what your audience's interests might be which would gain exposure to the person's content and to their product/services. This advertising is a win win situation unless you don't want a bunch of ads on your site which would have to be the individual's call.


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