Thursday, 19 January 2012

WordPress Plugins for Loyalty, Reward & Gamification

Here is four plugins you can use to increase engagement, encourage repeat visits and build a loyal following on your WordPress blog. Despite the growing interest in gamification, there are really only a handful of plugins available that are stable enough to provide Wordpress site developers a viable point and reward system to their users. There are definitely some winners:
Incrwd: A loyalty program plugin that uses real rewards to incentivize users to visit the site, share posts on Facebook and Twitter, and comment more often. The plugin comes from blog loyalty platform provider Incrwd, so bloggers can use their own products/deals or those provided by brand advertisers through Incrwd itself.

Achievements for BuddyPress Built for the popular BuddyPress community platform for WordPress, this plugin helps bloggers promote and reward social interaction with challenges, badges and points. The plugin only works with BuddyPress and requires support for several other core plugins. Another option for BuddyPress sites is CubePoints

Punchtab Released mid-2011, Punchtab is a loyalty program plugin enabling readers to sign in through Facebook, and earn points for activities such as visiting, commenting or sharing on Facebook, Twitter and PlusOne's. Readers can also redeem points.

Big Door Quick Gamification Released by gamification technology startup Big Door, this plugin enables WordPress site operators. Big Door's point system is based on activities, earning users experience points and badges



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