Thursday, 5 April 2012

Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks

If your visitors come from search engines, they will be more likely to click on your banners, so you’ll get a higher CTR (click to rate). This situation is perfect for CPC (cost per click) campaigns and Google AdSense is well known for its good results. If your visitors come from various referrals or directly by tapping your blog address in the address bar, they won’t click or hardly click on these banners. What can you do? You still have some good options. In this situation, one or more CPM advertising networks will be great for you. Some of them pay really well, and don’t care about the CTR. All that really counts is your number of daily impressions, because what you’ll get is based on the CPMs.

Technorati Media 

It’s relatively easy to get in the Technorati Media network. It is a very popular CPM network, with some decent rates. What is good about TM is that they count all your impressions (of course, if you have banners everywhere). The eCPM is sometimes at 2$, but in average the rate stays above 0.3 – 0.4$, which is a really good rate. The bad thing is that TM pays with checks in a NET 60 method, so you’ll receive your earnings 60 days after your payment request.

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TrafficRevenue has a very simple website and a minimalist report. They pay very well if you choose a sliding banner (3.44$ for 1.000 visitors) but that might be a little bit disturbing for your users. TR has also normal IAB banners (different types like 728×90, 458×60, 300×250, 160×600 or 120×600) with very good eCPM rates, at 0.4 – 0.6$. They pay with PayPal and the minimum balance is 5$. You just have to create an account.

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It’s easy to get in, easy to manage your reports. You’ll talk with the CPMonly staff by e-mail and they will configure your adtags. The good thing is that you can set default adtags from a different network and CPMonly will only show ads when their rate is higher than the rate of your default ad network. Try it in combination with Technorati Media. They have a 85% – 90% fill rate, with an average eCPM at 0.45$.

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Smowtion has excellent support, great reports and high CPM rates. It’s easy to get in (only a registration needed) and very easy to set all up. Smowtion Media counts every impression and they declare 100% fill rate. Payments are made with PayPal, checks or MasterCard. Just give it a try.

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Alerte Media 

Alerte Media works really fine as a CPM network. The CPM rates start at 0.25$ and the minimum payout is 15$ (PayPal). Payouts are every 15th of each month. Almost every website is accepted.

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Altitude Digital Partners 

ADP is a good CPM network, but it’s a little bit difficult to get in if you don’t have a content-rich website.
They do have great CPM rates (sometimes >1$), excellent reports and a good support.

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IDG Tech Network 

If your website is tech oriented and content-rich, with a larger number of posts about gadgets, apps,
social media and so on, IDG will work great for you.

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Casale Media 

Not everybody is accepted by Casale Media, but if you have a high quality website, content-rich and
attractive, and with a minimum of 25.000 monthly unique visitors, just try to apply.
They have a 70% revenue share, lot of ad sizes and a great support. They pay with PayPal or checks
in a NET 30 method.

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Tribal Fusion 

When we talk about ad networks, Tribal Fusion is state of the art. Everything is fantastic, with CPM
rates above 2$, excellent support and reports. TF will accept only websites with more than
500.000 unique visitors per month and this is a real issue for the vast majority of the bloggers.
Tribal Fusion motivates you to work harder on your content and your community. Success never
comes overnight.

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Federated Media 

Like Tribal Fusion, Federated Media is another super ad network, with a stunning portofolio of authors
like Trend Hunter, Boing Boing, Mashable, Make and so on. Everything is superb. Each site
in the FM fold subscribes to a core set of values: strong voice and point of view,
accuracy to the facts, engagement with its community, responsibility, integrity and

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You will probably try at the begining some CPM advertising networks like Technorati Media,
TrafficRevenue, Alerte or Smowtion. Concentrate on your content, try to not disturb your users
with many ads, do not use pop-ups or pop-unders because they mess up the user experience,
think how to grow up your page views and everything will be just fine.


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