Sunday, 18 March 2012

New iPad TV Ad. is BAD

There is nothing visually unexpected. Kids and butterflies and flowers and balloons and kids and more balloons. Great. I've now got 10 ova in my ballsack. The copy is just puzzling, especially this line: "Because when a screen becomes this good, it's just you, and the things you care about." A philosophy professor would have fun with that logic progression. It reads like a line that was group-banged by about 10 people.(It is a very nice screen, though.)
Seemingly in-need-of-sleep voiceover talent sounds about as interested in the product as I am. The retina screen may be crystal clear, but his pronunciation wasn't. I had to listen twice to figure out he was saying "pin-sharp". And, "pin-sharp" is just a weird phrase, too. and then there's the music. It manages to be both innocuous and annoying at the same time; the repeated piano high notes are so fucking grating. Jesus.
5+ minute promo video (below) is no better. Again, there's no concept, it's choppy, it's crappy, and it's all over the place, product feature-wise. But there is one line in it that I thought should have been in the :30 spot: "The highest resolution display ever on a mobile device." As a non-tablet-owning human, THAT is at least mildly interesting to me.



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