Friday, 30 September 2011

Freelancer is Offering Hourly Projects at Low Commission is giving Web employers a flexible new way to hire from its pool of nearly 3 million registered professionals by adding hourly projects to its fixed-price offerings. Businesses can hire freelancers for short or long-term projects, vary their working hours from one week to the next, and pay only for the hours completed as they are invoiced.

The new model also launches with the online outsourcing industry’s lowest commission structure, starting at just 3 percent.

“Other platforms charge up to 11 percent or more for hourly work,” says chief executive Matt Barrie. “With commissions for freelancers starting at 3 percent for our $24.95 monthly gold membership, we put more money in the pockets of freelancers. It’s a hiring solution with greater flexibility and increased earning opportunities, and enables employers to hire freelancers they trust on an ongoing basis.”

Sydney, Australia-based connects over 2.8 million professionals from all over the world. Employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software, writing, data entry, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services. The average job is under U.S. $200, making extremely cost effective for small businesses.

Here is a Scrip from there Blog: We’ve just launched hourly projects and it will revolutionize the way you get projects done on site. Starting today you can hire, and get paid, by the hour on! Freelancers, keep more money in your pockets by doing hourly projects with the lowest commission rate in the industry- only 3% for gold members ($24.95/mo). This reduces your commissions paid by up to 70% compared to some other, random sites.
We listened carefully to our community and launched hourly projects so you get the best value at the lowest possible cost, and here’s what we came up with:
Hire by the hour – Employers can hire Freelancers for long and short term jobs and pay them for the hours they work.
Flexible hours – Employers, you can vary the number of hours your Freelancer works from week to week. Freelancers, in turn, are freed up for other projects and earning opportunities.
Hire the right Freelancer – Find the right person for the job, from among 2.8 million registered professionals, across a range of different rates and skill levels. Freelancers can increase their hourly rate and income with experience, and develop their skills by taking exams.
Easy Invoicing – Our invoicing system is quick and simple to use. Freelancers can simply enter a description of the task performed, the number of hours and a rate, and an invoice is quickly produced. You can add other expenses that don’t relate to work, such as the purchase of a piece of software or stock image. All your invoices are stored on-site as PDFs for easy record keeping.
Hourly projects
Create your Hourly project
Click Post Project, enter your project description, and select Hourly Rate as the project type. Then enter the following:
  1. Project Budget  – the approximate hourly rate you want to pay for your project
  2. Project Duration – an estimate of how long your project will run for. You can extend your project later.
  3. Hours of work required – the number of hours you require you freelancer to work on a Weekly or Monthly basis.
Your project will be ready in minutes, for nearly 3 million Freelancers to view and bid on!
Remember, make sure you use our Milestone Payments system to increase your Feedback and develop your Reputation.
This is only the beginning for hourly projects, and much more functionality will be coming soon!\


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