Sunday, 3 July 2011

Virtual Web Hosting & its Advantages...

Virtual Web Hosting is a hosting method in which many domains are hosted under the same IP address. This enables one computer to share memory and processing cycles in order to become more effective. The provider hosts your website on a server and this server is connected to the internet on rapid links that communicate. Of course your website will remain at the server but you can always make changes to it from your own machine. It is definitely one of the most common options that are accessible for the customer.
Virtual Web Hosting is also known as shared web hosting or derive host which means that there are several different websites on one server that is connected to the internet. Every single website has its own partition which is like its own place in the server. They are together yet separated at the same time. One of the main benefits of this type of hosting is the price since a dedicated server is more expensive than a shared one.
The service must come with system administration and support given that it is of course shared among several users. This can be viewed as another benefit when users do not want to participate in the administration of the system.
Usually shared hosting makes use of a control panel system that is web based –  for example InterWorx and cPanel– which can be very user friendly. Also the your web hosting provider is in charge of managing the servers and also making sure the correct and latest security updates are installed, they are also in charge of the technical support.
In general almost all the servers are based by the inexpensive low cost open source software which is based on Linux. It is a great solution for small and medium sized websites that don’t have too large bandwidth requirements. Also there shouldn’t be any problems when it comes to availability access given that most likely all the websites in the server will not be accessed all the time at the same time.
Another benefit for those who worry about what the visitors will think is that it makes no difference to the eye of the visitor. They will not be able to tell if you have opted for a virtual shared host or a private server.
If you’re worried about there being too many domains in one single server, when it comes time for you to look for your shared hosting provider you can spot the ones that will be overcrowded. A lot of times the hosting provider will advertise on their website how they have “unlimited domains”; just pay attention to that and be sure to choose one that is not overcrowded. Again the main benefit of choosing a shared web host is the money that you will save.
If you are short in budget and are just starting with a small web site you might want to give it a try with free web hosting. A lot of times the provider will offer free shared web hosting or trials of such. This is some sort of a test drive that they provide for you to try their service. In general, you shouldn’t be paying too much for shared web hosting plan.


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